Welcome to the Rotary Club of Charleston!

Please watch the video below to learn more about our club, explore parts of this website for more information, or find contact information for all of the board members and committees below.

Executive Board

July 2024 - June 2025

Patricia Schumann


Casey Mosrie

President Elect

Michelle Foster

Immediate Past President

Wallace Suttle II


Bryan Cokeley

Assistant Governor

Michael Cadle

Board of Directors

Jessica Silber

Board of Directors, Fellowship Committee Chair

Corleen Patterson

Board of Directors, Rotary Foundation / Scholarship Committee Chair

Melissa Pemberton

Board of Directors, Membership Recruitment Committee Chair

Terrell Ellis

Board of Dreictors, Community Investment Committee Chair

Brian Sloan

Board of Directors, Chief Information Officer

Christy Bly

Board of Directors

Gerald D. Roueché


James "Jim" Long

Orientation Chair

Chris Wallace

Public Image Chair

Mark Grigoraci

Club Programs Chair


We have a wide range of committees in our Rotary Club that provide a wide range of services.  Please consider volunteering for a committee to help this club be the best it can be. Click on the committee to send an email to the Committee Chair.

Program Committee

This committee shall prepare and arrange the programs for the regular and special meetings of the club.

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Membership Committee

This committee shall consider all proposals for membership and shall thoroughly investigate the character, business, social and community standing and general eligibility of all persons proposed for membership and shall report their decisions on all applications to the Board of Directors.

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Fellowship Committee

This Committee shall promote acquaintance and friendship among the members, promote participation by members in organized Rotary recreational and social activities, and do such work in pursuance of the general object of the club as may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.

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Public Image

This committee shall devise and carry into effect, plans to give the public general information about Rotary, its history, object and scope; and to secure proper publicity for the club utilizing approved marketing, outreach, or other media.

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Community Investment

This committee shall be responsible for selecting and carrying out service projects in the community which are consistent with the overall mission of Rotary and in alignment with the priorities of the Board of Directors.

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International Committee

This committee shall be responsible for reviewing, reporting on, and implementing projects of an international scope that have been approved by the Board of Directors for participation in by the club.

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Youth Programs Committee

This committee will work with the youth in the community to carry out the mission of Rotary through participation in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Interact and Rotaract Clubs.

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Grants Committee

This committee shall undertake all grant work desired by the club.  The committee chair, or approved designee, shall maintain attendance at Rotary International, District, Foundation, or other meetings as required for participation in Rotary grant programs, and shall follow required filing and reporting guidelines.  Any funds received or dispersed shall follow Article III, Section 4.

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Orientation Committee

This committee shall from time to time meet with new members and provide an orientation session that will inform the new members of the history of Rotary and the club, that will advise the new members of the club structure and ways to become involved, and that will educate new members on the requirements of Rotary membership.

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