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A Special Message from President Welty

This message is to inform you that Rotary Club of Charleston WV Club Administrator, Deb Coffman, has taken a personal leave of absence. In the interim, board member Mary Cook has graciously agreed to step in and serve as Club Administrator. Please direct all correspondence, that would normally go to Deb, to Mary at As always, feel free to reach out to me or to President-elect Christy Elliott at with any questions or concerns. As a reminder, Christy and her team are working toward the July 12, 2021 live, hybrid, meeting. More details on that meeting will follow.

Please note that your invoice this cycle includes the reinstatement of the meal charge. This is a result of our April Board of Directors meeting and below you’ll find an explanation of our forthcoming “return to live meeting” strategy.

Hybrid Monday meetings targeted to begin July 12, 2021 – The Board is working with the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center (the Center) to resume live meetings. All Center and other mandated COVID protocols, will be observed. Your club leadership will work with the Center to provide meal service in a safe manner, with members and guests socially distanced. Please note, that while our intention is to resume Monday meetings beginning July 1, the first hybrid meeting will be Monday, July 12 due to Independence Day Holiday.

What is a “Hybrid” meeting?  A hybrid meeting will allow members and guests the option of attending in person at the Center or virtually (current format). This hybrid strategy will allow us to slowly transition to an in-person format over time. While most of our speakers will continue to present virtually, our members who wish to attend in–person can enjoy the fellowship and interaction we have all missed.

Why is the meal/operations charge being assessed now? In order for the club to engage with the Center and prepare for a July 1 launch, we must build up our meal/operations account. If we should be unable to launch by July 1 for any reason, this money will be held aside in the club account for such time that we can return to a live format.  Remember that regardless of whether you intend to attend in person, you are required to pay the meal/operations charge as usual.  The club must use these funds to not only pay for meals, but also facilities, technology charges for on site meetings, etc. This is not a change in policy.

Vaccines are encouraged! The Board of Directors is in full support of the Governor’s, as well as the Health Department’s, efforts to vaccinate the citizens of our great State and County. We encourage all members to support this effort and get vaccinated. If you are still in need of avaccine, please go to and locate a vaccine site near you. You can even make an appointment there. If you do not use the internet, you can also call the WV Covid Vaccine Hotline at 1-833-734-0965 and they will help you schedule an appointment.

Thank you for your patience and support during this unprecedented time.

Bob Welty

Message from President Welty, process for inviting guests to our virtual meetings.

To :  Rotary Club of Charleston members:
Subject:  Process for inviting guests to our virtual meetings

Dear members,

Thanks for the positive feedback and comments on our meetings! If you are attending, please continue and if not we encourage you to log on and enjoy!

I also want to ask that you continue to invite guests to benefit from the great speakers the Program Committee is lining up for us. Here is the simple process to follow when inviting guests:

  • Forward the log on information to your guest and ask them to register.
  • Send an email to with a cc to letting us know who your guest is.
  • The email is essential because we want to a) warmly greet guests and b) we must record guests for Rotary and for our virtual system.


The Program Committee will resume weekly meetings at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center when in person meetings commence, directly after the regular scheduled meeting. Parking is free just let the parking attendant know you are with the Rotary Club of Charleston.

Putnam Rotary Club Meeting begins at 12:00 noon at: 
Area 34
7013, 971 WV-34
Hurricane, WV 25526   

Vandalia Club meets at Edgewood Country Club Wednesdays from 7:30am – 8:30am. The last Wednesday of month is a social or service project.

St. Albans Rotary Club meets every Thursday at 12:00 noon in their new meeting location at City National Bank 560 4th Street,  Saint Albans, WV 25177

South Charleston Rotary Club meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 12:00 noon. Meetings are located at Little Creek Country Club, South Charleston, WV

Other Ways to Make-up a Meeting:
1. The board unanimously approved another avenue to get additional credit for attendance. In addition to attending a committee meeting, doing an online make-up, or visiting another Rotary Club you can now get one meeting credit for every new member prospect/guest you bring to a regular Monday meeting. The credit will apply during the same quarter in which you bring the potential member/guest. This is a great way to both make up attendance and recruit new members into our club. Contact Paul White with questions.

2. To do a make-up meeting on-line, click the link below: Rotary Club Online make-up location: on-line system is set up to provide a written confirmation of the make-up to the person who actually did the make-up. The Member is then responsible for providing the confirmation to their Rotary Club Administrator. Please forward a copy of your confirmation letter to me to receive proper credit, also check the weekly newsletter to see if I have listed your make up and name, if not this indicates that I did not receive your make-up notice.